Education: BoxDrops and Sarah Jane at the Reset Conference March 24 2017

The first weekend of March found us at the Reset Conference in Indianapolis. This year is a year of speaking engagements and education for Sarah (on top of her standard portrait business work), and we love having the opportunity to sponsor her and meet other photographers at events like this. We arrived on Friday night so we would have plenty of time to set up our booth before the trade show opened on Saturday morning. Every time we do a booth, we set things up a little differently so it's always fun to be a little more creative with our layout.

Saturday morning arrived and we were up early to prepare for the day! Sarah had her highly praised class on Pricing in the morning. Sarah has taught this course many times and her students are always in awe of the wealth of valuable information she provides. It's really worth every penny invested to learn about this vital piece of the photography business puzzle.

For the rest of the day, we ran the BoxDrops booth and got to meet all the awesome attendees of the conference. We love getting to know you and helping other photographers find the perfect drops for the upcoming sessions! At the end of the day, Sarah had a break out session where she showed students how to build your own parachute dress (without sewing) and then how to photograph the models in these unique dresses. Below you can see some of Sarah's favorite images from this shoot!

On the final day of the conference, we mostly got to focus on running the booth. This day we had a lot of fun chatting with the different ladies who stopped by our booth and helping them select the right backdrops for their needs. Sarah finished the day with her class on Marketing, which her students also love! For this conference it really built on her first class so the two really went hand-in-hand.

All in all, it was a great conference with a lot of learning and beautiful opportunities to get to know more of you! Don't forget to check out Sarah's other educational offerings here on the site at:

Mini Sessions - Consistent, Year-Round, Income for your Studio February 23 2017

Are you looking for ways to work consistent year-round revenue into your business? We all know the photography industry can be very seasonal with most sessions and orders falling in the later summer-fall leading up to the Holidays while our January-April schedules can often be bare (especially in areas where winter means COLD weather and sometimes, like here in Illinois, that doesn’t even come with pretty snow!). 
Many photographers have found a way to work a few steady income streams into this down time with mini sessions and tying these to holidays can be a great pull in for your clients. This month you’ll have Valentine’s day, of course, and looking ahead to spring you’ll have St. Patrick’s day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s day! Some of these earlier dates may still mean cold weather and no color outside if you’re in an area like us (here in the mid-west). 
So what do you do? Adding a unique studio setup can be just what you need to get clients excited about some milestone portraits even when it’s less than wonderful outside AND this can be a huge differentiating factor for your studio in a time when not every photographer has a studio space available. 
st patricks day, mini sessions, studio photography, studio bakcdrop, background ideas
Luckily our drops are portable and easy to use in a studio of any size, whether that’s a full commercial studio in need of a large 20x10 drop OR a small pop up studio in your or your client’s homes. Our 5x7 and 6x8 drops are fantastic for the on the go photographer with more limited space. Plus, their durability means you can even set them up outside! 
Here are just a few looks we know will be seasonal favorites of your clients just like they are for ours: 
St. Patrick’s Day: 
     - Greening Wood
     - Mossy Pond
     - Teal Steal
     - Light Lily
     - Mossy Pond
     - Sweet Scarves
     - Wavy Violet
Valentines Day: 
     -Muted Spring

In-Studio Pricing, Sales, & Workflow Workshop January 20 2017

Yesterday was an awesome day for us here at BoxDrops by SJP! Sarah of Sarah Jane Photography (our owner and founder) hosted an in-studio Pricing, Sales, & Workflow Workshop. Sarah is not only passionate about photography but she's very passionate about the business aspect of being a photographer. She is quite the teacher and has been teaching for the past several years so her workshops are always full!

We were so excited to have a studio full of lovely ladies all day - talking, learning, and supporting one another. Sarah walked through those difficult and stressful topics we all deal with as photography studio owners. She started with pricing - working through how to find your numbers and set your prices for success. She also shared how to figure what products and how many to include in your pricing system. Then she moved onto sales and walked through her best tips for sales as well as walking through her entire sales process. This is such valuable information and we get great feedback on it all the time. We ended the day with workflow... because let's be honest - we could all benefit from being more organized. She shared products, software, and organization systems that work best for her business.

Of course, all of this was taught with the reminder that you need to build your business to fit your needs and your specific business. This is such a crucial point! Simply taking someone else's business model and copying it exactly is never going to result in as strong a business as the business model that is built specifically for you. So Sarah's emphasis on building your business around you is awesome!

We didn't record this particular workshop, but we do have some sneak peeks ont eh BoxDrops by SJP page on facebook. We also have several educational products you can find right here on BoxDrops at:

You can choose from mentoring, templates, paperwork, or Pricing What Your Worth lecture. Enjoy this little photographic sneak peek into the day!

What size drop is right for YOU?! July 02 2014

One of the questions I'm asked most often is which backdrop size I recommend... and, honestly, it's a difficult question to answer without knowing a bit more about each photographer. Not only are we all unique in how we photograph but the variety of who/what we photograph differs from studio to studio and can make a big difference in choosing the right backdrop studio for YOU. Plus, my answer to you is different if you've been in business for years with a full stock of existing drops versus just starting out and needing versatility in a single drop. 

So what size backdrop is right for you? 


Small Drops (5x7 & smaller) ... I highly recommend our 5x7 platinum drops (and double sided bronze drops) for studios specializing in smaller subjects, especially newborns & children under one. The small size of these drops makes it easy to keep a variety of colors/styles to fit your client's unique personalities/styles. Our smallest drops are all available in our softest fabrics which makes them a perfect fit for these young subjects. 

These are also perfect for small home studios that don't have a lot of space for backdrop storage. These drops are usable with single subjects, like seniors, when the subject is placed close to the drop. 


Mid-Sized Drops (6x8 / 8x8) ... Our mid-sized drops are my personal favorites as a studio specializing in seniors/couples/boudoir. These drops are small enough to allow me to keep a variety in the studio while still being large enough to allow me flexibility in posing with not only one but multiple subjects.

I prefer my 6x8 drops for the edgier senior designs that hang on the rail system in my studio. Since our 6x8 drop is available in the Silver fabric it's perfect for the track system since the thinner fabric will allow you to keep 10+ drops up and ready to use (wrinkle-free) at anytime.

The 8x8 drop might be my absolutely favorite! This drop is large enough to be versatile for use with single subjects (in ANY pose), active subjects (like toddlers or pets) and even small families/groups. It's also available in our Platinum wrinkle-free cloth which makes it perfect for an on the go studio, since the Platinum drops can be stored on your studio shelves (or even thrown in the car) and be pulled out and ready to shoot right away (we suggest using stretch clips to pull out all the wrinkles). The size/portability of these drops makes them great for dance/event photo booths too!

Mid-sized drops are perfect first drops for those studios just staring out! 


Large Drops (10x8/8x10) ... As a studio with short 8' high ceilings I personally gravitate to the drops that are 8' tall for the floor to ceiling look but if you're basking in your 10, 12, 14 foot tall space then you may love the added height of our 10' drops. You may find yourself wanting the added height if you photograph senior guys and athletes who you may photograph from a lower angle. And if you photograph families or other larger groups you'll love our 10' wide drops. These drops are perfect for larger groups, and scene designs that may incorporate large props on the set in addition to your subject. 


Extra LARGE Drops (10x10 & 10x20) ... I think every studio should have at least one extra large drop. These drops fill the need for a large family portrait, or large prop requests (cars, horses, etc). Sure, you can photograph them on location but having a drop of this size and the ability to photograph such subjects in the studio (or with a studio look on location) will set you apart from your competition in a fun unique way. 


So what drop size is right for YOU?! I hope this guide helps you determine which drop will work best for you and your studio. Stay tuned in for a 'what color drop is right for you?' post soon. 




BoxDrops Launches! March 28 2014

Well, as you may or may not have seen on my facebook/instagram/twitter I've been busy these past few days/weeks/months launching a brand new company. That's right! What do you do when you're heading into your 4th year of business, finally getting a little breathing room and not having to hustle 80-90 hours a week to get your business off the ground (slowing way down to 65 hours, you know... easy street)... well if you're me you start a brand new business!

Here's a look at what I've been working on (0-this in 24 hours!) backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

Though this has been slowly in the works for really a year+ it's all come together in the last week in HUGE ways and it's reminded me about the fun, excitement, fear, passion, etc that all comes at the very beginnings of your business. I forgot how much there is to do at one time at the kick off of your business, but I've quickly been reminded.

I've also been reminded of the truly amazing things we are capable of doing, and that other people are capable of doing for us. In just two days I've both added and checked off more things from my to do list than I did all of last week. Was I lazy last week, no, I got plenty done then too but with the fire lit under me of a brand new endeavor and a looming deadline along with the responsibility to still meet the needs of my current clients I kicked it into high gear.

photography backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

In the past few days I've had moments of blind faith, taking leaps without knowing where they would lead. Moments of shear panic (literally hands shanking unable to type on my phone panic). Moments of pure joy, relieve and satisfaction. Moments of 'OMG why did I do this, I can't handle all this, this is never going to work.' which always seem to be followed by a perfectly timed message from a friend saying something like "I just want you to know you're awesome." or "You rock, just so you know." that seem to pick you up off the ground and send you right back to the "I CAN do this!" stage.

There is really nothing quite like the adventure of entrepreneurship and I know you all get that! I wanted to write a quick post that says I remember the thrill, the passion, the excitement, the shear terror, the hope, the overwhelming to do lists, the LATE nights, no sleep and buckets of caffeine. I remember it because I'm there still, and again.

photography backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

And you know what?!?! It's ok, no, it's better than okay even at it's worst it's amazing! So hang in their entrepreneurs, I know you need more sleep and an assistant and 14 hands and 36 hours in a day ..... but don't worry you can do it, and you ARE doing it!! You're great, you're a rock star and YOU CAN DO IT! :)

photography backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

You'll be able to shop these drops soon at but until then you can view the at