BoxDrops Launches! March 28 2014

Well, as you may or may not have seen on my facebook/instagram/twitter I've been busy these past few days/weeks/months launching a brand new company. That's right! What do you do when you're heading into your 4th year of business, finally getting a little breathing room and not having to hustle 80-90 hours a week to get your business off the ground (slowing way down to 65 hours, you know... easy street)... well if you're me you start a brand new business!

Here's a look at what I've been working on (0-this in 24 hours!) backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

Though this has been slowly in the works for really a year+ it's all come together in the last week in HUGE ways and it's reminded me about the fun, excitement, fear, passion, etc that all comes at the very beginnings of your business. I forgot how much there is to do at one time at the kick off of your business, but I've quickly been reminded.

I've also been reminded of the truly amazing things we are capable of doing, and that other people are capable of doing for us. In just two days I've both added and checked off more things from my to do list than I did all of last week. Was I lazy last week, no, I got plenty done then too but with the fire lit under me of a brand new endeavor and a looming deadline along with the responsibility to still meet the needs of my current clients I kicked it into high gear.

photography backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

In the past few days I've had moments of blind faith, taking leaps without knowing where they would lead. Moments of shear panic (literally hands shanking unable to type on my phone panic). Moments of pure joy, relieve and satisfaction. Moments of 'OMG why did I do this, I can't handle all this, this is never going to work.' which always seem to be followed by a perfectly timed message from a friend saying something like "I just want you to know you're awesome." or "You rock, just so you know." that seem to pick you up off the ground and send you right back to the "I CAN do this!" stage.

There is really nothing quite like the adventure of entrepreneurship and I know you all get that! I wanted to write a quick post that says I remember the thrill, the passion, the excitement, the shear terror, the hope, the overwhelming to do lists, the LATE nights, no sleep and buckets of caffeine. I remember it because I'm there still, and again.

photography backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

And you know what?!?! It's ok, no, it's better than okay even at it's worst it's amazing! So hang in their entrepreneurs, I know you need more sleep and an assistant and 14 hands and 36 hours in a day ..... but don't worry you can do it, and you ARE doing it!! You're great, you're a rock star and YOU CAN DO IT! :)

photography backdrops, boxdrops by sjp, custom photography backdrops

You'll be able to shop these drops soon at but until then you can view the at