What size drop is right for YOU?! July 02 2014

One of the questions I'm asked most often is which backdrop size I recommend... and, honestly, it's a difficult question to answer without knowing a bit more about each photographer. Not only are we all unique in how we photograph but the variety of who/what we photograph differs from studio to studio and can make a big difference in choosing the right backdrop studio for YOU. Plus, my answer to you is different if you've been in business for years with a full stock of existing drops versus just starting out and needing versatility in a single drop. 

So what size backdrop is right for you? 


Small Drops (5x7 & smaller) ... I highly recommend our 5x7 platinum drops (and double sided bronze drops) for studios specializing in smaller subjects, especially newborns & children under one. The small size of these drops makes it easy to keep a variety of colors/styles to fit your client's unique personalities/styles. Our smallest drops are all available in our softest fabrics which makes them a perfect fit for these young subjects. 

These are also perfect for small home studios that don't have a lot of space for backdrop storage. These drops are usable with single subjects, like seniors, when the subject is placed close to the drop. 


Mid-Sized Drops (6x8 / 8x8) ... Our mid-sized drops are my personal favorites as a studio specializing in seniors/couples/boudoir. These drops are small enough to allow me to keep a variety in the studio while still being large enough to allow me flexibility in posing with not only one but multiple subjects.

I prefer my 6x8 drops for the edgier senior designs that hang on the rail system in my studio. Since our 6x8 drop is available in the Silver fabric it's perfect for the track system since the thinner fabric will allow you to keep 10+ drops up and ready to use (wrinkle-free) at anytime.

The 8x8 drop might be my absolutely favorite! This drop is large enough to be versatile for use with single subjects (in ANY pose), active subjects (like toddlers or pets) and even small families/groups. It's also available in our Platinum wrinkle-free cloth which makes it perfect for an on the go studio, since the Platinum drops can be stored on your studio shelves (or even thrown in the car) and be pulled out and ready to shoot right away (we suggest using stretch clips to pull out all the wrinkles). The size/portability of these drops makes them great for dance/event photo booths too!

Mid-sized drops are perfect first drops for those studios just staring out! 


Large Drops (10x8/8x10) ... As a studio with short 8' high ceilings I personally gravitate to the drops that are 8' tall for the floor to ceiling look but if you're basking in your 10, 12, 14 foot tall space then you may love the added height of our 10' drops. You may find yourself wanting the added height if you photograph senior guys and athletes who you may photograph from a lower angle. And if you photograph families or other larger groups you'll love our 10' wide drops. These drops are perfect for larger groups, and scene designs that may incorporate large props on the set in addition to your subject. 


Extra LARGE Drops (10x10 & 10x20) ... I think every studio should have at least one extra large drop. These drops fill the need for a large family portrait, or large prop requests (cars, horses, etc). Sure, you can photograph them on location but having a drop of this size and the ability to photograph such subjects in the studio (or with a studio look on location) will set you apart from your competition in a fun unique way. 


So what drop size is right for YOU?! I hope this guide helps you determine which drop will work best for you and your studio. Stay tuned in for a 'what color drop is right for you?' post soon.