In-Studio Pricing, Sales, & Workflow Workshop January 20 2017

Yesterday was an awesome day for us here at BoxDrops by SJP! Sarah of Sarah Jane Photography (our owner and founder) hosted an in-studio Pricing, Sales, & Workflow Workshop. Sarah is not only passionate about photography but she's very passionate about the business aspect of being a photographer. She is quite the teacher and has been teaching for the past several years so her workshops are always full!

We were so excited to have a studio full of lovely ladies all day - talking, learning, and supporting one another. Sarah walked through those difficult and stressful topics we all deal with as photography studio owners. She started with pricing - working through how to find your numbers and set your prices for success. She also shared how to figure what products and how many to include in your pricing system. Then she moved onto sales and walked through her best tips for sales as well as walking through her entire sales process. This is such valuable information and we get great feedback on it all the time. We ended the day with workflow... because let's be honest - we could all benefit from being more organized. She shared products, software, and organization systems that work best for her business.

Of course, all of this was taught with the reminder that you need to build your business to fit your needs and your specific business. This is such a crucial point! Simply taking someone else's business model and copying it exactly is never going to result in as strong a business as the business model that is built specifically for you. So Sarah's emphasis on building your business around you is awesome!

We didn't record this particular workshop, but we do have some sneak peeks ont eh BoxDrops by SJP page on facebook. We also have several educational products you can find right here on BoxDrops at:

You can choose from mentoring, templates, paperwork, or Pricing What Your Worth lecture. Enjoy this little photographic sneak peek into the day!