Mini Sessions - Consistent, Year-Round, Income for your Studio February 23 2017

Are you looking for ways to work consistent year-round revenue into your business? We all know the photography industry can be very seasonal with most sessions and orders falling in the later summer-fall leading up to the Holidays while our January-April schedules can often be bare (especially in areas where winter means COLD weather and sometimes, like here in Illinois, that doesn’t even come with pretty snow!). 
Many photographers have found a way to work a few steady income streams into this down time with mini sessions and tying these to holidays can be a great pull in for your clients. This month you’ll have Valentine’s day, of course, and looking ahead to spring you’ll have St. Patrick’s day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s day! Some of these earlier dates may still mean cold weather and no color outside if you’re in an area like us (here in the mid-west). 
So what do you do? Adding a unique studio setup can be just what you need to get clients excited about some milestone portraits even when it’s less than wonderful outside AND this can be a huge differentiating factor for your studio in a time when not every photographer has a studio space available. 
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Luckily our drops are portable and easy to use in a studio of any size, whether that’s a full commercial studio in need of a large 20x10 drop OR a small pop up studio in your or your client’s homes. Our 5x7 and 6x8 drops are fantastic for the on the go photographer with more limited space. Plus, their durability means you can even set them up outside! 
Here are just a few looks we know will be seasonal favorites of your clients just like they are for ours: 
St. Patrick’s Day: 
     - Greening Wood
     - Mossy Pond
     - Teal Steal
     - Light Lily
     - Mossy Pond
     - Sweet Scarves
     - Wavy Violet
Valentines Day: 
     -Muted Spring