About SJP

Who's the SJP behind BoxDrops by SJP? 

Well, first and foremost, I'm a photographer just like YOU! I own a portrait & wedding studio located in central Illinois and am dedicated to providing my clients with unique images and an unforgettable portrait experience.

I'm passionate about photography and business and love this industry. I've been a photographer since 2004 and kicked my business into high gear in 2011 when my husband an I moved to Central IL. As those who know me would tell you I'm not about doing anything on a small scale and that's especially true when it comes to my business(s). 

I've been working for a couple years with an amazingly talented artist, Elizabeth VanHoutan, to design custom backdrops for my studio. Her designs were just too good to keep to myself so I set out to find a way to share them with the rest of the photography world and BoxDropsbySJP is the result. 


The Startup:

This venture was on the back burner until March 2014 when I was re-inspired to dive into finding a way to bring Elizabeth's designs to the photography industry. "Go big or go home." a slogan I tend to live by was never more true than in this venture. In no more than 2 weeks from finding our vendor, we unofficially sponsored drops at FotoChaos in St. Louis, had our website and facebook page up and running, arranged our official launch at the Reset Conference in Champaign and met with Sal Cincotta to arrange our sponsorship of backdrops for the first ever ShutterFest.