The Designers

Elizabeth VanHoutan of Punch & Sizzle is the artist and designer behind the debut looks of BoxDropsbySJP. She is a faux painter in the central Illinois areas and has recently brought the painting experience directly to 'non-painters' all around the area with her Paint Like Me classes. 

All of Elizabeth's design contributions are hand painted many with mixed media. She has been working with Sarah Jane Photography for the past few years to create custom hand-painted drops for every day use and special occasions like high school dances and her designs were the inspiration behind BoxDropsbySJP! 


Daniel Berry is an up and coming photographer in the central Missouri area with a talent for outdoor and nature photography. He will soon be added to the BoxDrops family of designers, bringing you a nature/scenic line of beautiful backdrops that will take your studio from the snowy mountains of Colorado to the lush forests of Missouri anytime of the year. 


Stephanie Rose is a fine art and portrait photographer serving the Central Illinois area since 2008. Whether through her writing or her artwork, her passion lies in storytelling and connecting with others. Stephanie provides select designs for our backdrops as well as a variety of digital products for the flourishing photographer. Stephanie's backdrop designs include hand painted media with digital enhancements. You can see her other work at